Saturday, October 1, 2011

My princesses Birthday!

Today is My sweet Jazzy Rain's Birthday. She turns 8 today ( Or for her in the Philippines yesterday).

Such a big girl!

It is the weirdest and greatest thing to love someone so much and you haven't even met them.
I want to tell you a little more about this precious little girl.  Jazzy lives with her mother Mrs Priscilla her older brother Texus Kin and her older sister Zaira Claire ( Claire.... just like my friend over at All for Jesus). Jazzy is the baby of her family and the baby of my compassion family too. :)

Jazzy's father passed away in 2005. :(  She is a partial orphan. It makes me heart broken to think of that baby without a father to keep her safe. I love her so much.

Jazzy's favorite food is fried chicken. Her favorite song is Twinkle little star (that is what she called it :). Her favorite color is pink and yellow. She wants to be a teacher. And her favorite verse is Is. 6:36.
Holy Holy Holy is the Lord God almighty. The earth is filled with His glory.

I love her so much and really really hope to meet her. I want to make my senior trip to the Philippines when I am 18. I pray God would make a way for me to do that.

Happy Birthday, sweet Jazzy Rain.
   I love you. <3


Claire said...

I love it! Happy Birthday Jazzy!

God's Gal said...

Happy Birthday, Jazzy! :)

Lysa, what centre is Jazzy from?

Teena said...

Your sweet Jazzy girl... I feel like she is part mine too. So thankful for her.... for you!

Happy Birthday, Jazzy Rain!

We love you.


Lysa said...

Jazzy is at King's kids student center.