Sunday, July 15, 2012

Please Pray!

About four months ago I started trying to sign up for a Student Life Missions Camp. We found out that you have to go with a church in order to go to a camp. Well none of the churches in any of the towns near by ( Nobody we know) were going to SL. :(

Maurine( side bar), from Kenya toured with SL a few summers ago and told mom "You really need to get Lysa to SL. It is life changing.

Well we called SL and they told us they could hook me up with a church that is going and I could be part of their group. So we started emailing back and forth with the youth pastor of the church they want me to go with. To make a long story short ( well shorter) everything worked out. We raised the $300 for camp! God is AwEsOmE!! I will get to meet a Compassion LDP student!

Well camp starts tomorrow, and Norcross First Baptist church, the church I am going with is like 2 1/2- 3 hrs away from our house. We drove up to Norcross on Thursday so I could go to the last prayer meeting the group was having and meet the other students going to camp! The are really sweet and kind!! We stayed in Norcross all weekend and went to the church this morning! I went to youth group and the youth pastor told us our missions assignment for the week. I will be working with the CDA, Child Development Agency!! I will be working with under privileged children!! My heart is so excited!!!

Please pray for the group and I!  Pray God will give us the words to say to these kids to show them His awesome LOVE! Pray that we will serve with passion! Just pray please!

Words cannot express how excited I am! I am so thankful for this! God is faithful!

If you read this far,  thanks a lot! :)

All for Him,

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The letter I have been longing for!

We went to Florida last weekend! We were able to see Mike, his wife Amber, my Auntie Sharon and some cool friends that we haven't seen in a while! It was great! We were able to go to Grace Conway, the church my brother helped plant and leads worship at. That was one of the highlights. It was awesome!

Well, when we got home we had mail. .  and not just any mail... Compassion mail!! I got a letter!! I was crazy excited ( as I always am when I get letters). I opened it and IT WAS FROM REGITA!

If you have been reading my blog a while you know I have been waiting to receive a letter from my sweet Regita from Indonesia. I haven't received a letter from her in over six months! That is a long time for letters with Compassion! I was worried. I was so relieved to hear from her!

The letter is awesome! Here are a few of my personal favorite parts. . .

Hi, Sister Alyssa, 
            . . .  I really enjoy the gift that you sent me especially your beautiful photos. . . I am happy and wonder to hear that you can eat fried rice like me. I heard that only a few of American people like to eat my country dishes. . . I like the song titled " Little Samuel" and often sing it. ( So cute!) My family and I are doing well. . . I like playing jump robe together with my friends. I have no pets because there is no ( not) enough space in my house for having any pets but, I like butterflies. . . I hope my letter finds you in good condition. Love regards in Christ. 

Isn't that awesome?!? I am so thankful for this letter and for this precious girl God has placed in my life! I am so blessed with my three girls. 

I pray I can bless them as much as they bless me! 

All for Him,