Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Another Letter!!!!!!

Yeah I know it has been a long time since I have blogged.  I have been very busy with school and other stuff. :(

Well....... Thursday on the way home from seeing the childrens choir ( with Claire and a few other bffs) my mom got a call from my little brother. When she got off the phone she said Wes told her that a letter for me came in the mail!!! Claire can tell you I went crazy excited cause I did. ;)

When we got home a letter from sweet Jazzy Rain was sitting on my bed!

So cool!!!
 Mrs. Priscila, Jazzy mom, writes me because Jazzy is too young and Mrs. Priscila can speak and write english so there is no translation is needed.

Dear Alyssa Price, Hello have a nice day ( that is how she starts all her letters:). Thank you very much for the reply letter to Jazzy Rain. You know she is very happy to read it and looking at your picture. She already finished her first the first period in test in school and every Saturday she attends the K.K.S.C. our compassion student center class and enjoying listening to the teacher about the memory verse and story telling about Jesus.( I am so proud of her) Happy birthday to you this coming Aug, 27, 2011. This coming Oct, 1, 2011 Jazzy Rain celebrates her 8th birthday. Thank you for praying for Jazzy every night and as treated as one of your younger sister. ( That made me tear up) Please pray for Jazzy Rain for given a bright mental ability as well as her brother and sister  so that they can gain more high grades in school. How about you miss Alyssa? How many are you in the family? What is the work of your parents? Jesus will abide you on your daily routine work. More power and Jesus loves you

I love this girl and this lady so much. They are amazing and I tell them in every letter. Have you recieved a letter from you child lately. I would love to hear about it.

All for Him,