Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Please pray!

You might have already heard.... A big typhoon has hit the north part of the Philippines and part of China!

I heard yesterday and have not had time to blog til now. I was so worried about sweet Jazzy and her family. We prayed and prayed for them... And are still now.

Today I called Compassion and asked if they knew if Jazzy was ok. The ladie said the typhoon did not hit in the area that Jazzy is in. Praise God! I am soooooo relieved. Jazzy and her family is ok! I am so thankful.

 I am still worried though. We have not heard anything from my friends from ''Children of the World'' choir :(

Please pray with me... for the Philippines.Please pray for the kids and leaders from the choir.

 If you sponsor a child from the Philippines please let me know if they are ok. Or let me pray for them.

All for Jesus,


Hannah said...

So glad that Jazzy ok! Praying for the rest of the people that were affected.

Claire said...

I'm so so so so glad that Jazzy is safe!!!!!! Thanks for praying! I will be praying for all the families and the kids choir there. Love you!

Your Friend,

The dB family said...

We'll be praying here! I'm going to find out if our two kiddos in the PI are safe. They're on Negros.