Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Blessed again!

So for about a month or so I've been thinking about adding to my Compassion family, and getting another child to correspond with. I wanted to do more, even if it was just telling another child they are loved by God. 

So after praying about it for a while, a week ago I call Compassion and got on the waiting list for another correspondent child. The next day she was there on my account. . .

Aster Gelgelo Gobena

Aster is from Ethiopia! She is going to be 9 yrs old on Sep. 20. She lives with both her parents and one sibling!!! She loves to play house, group games and jump robe. She helps out her family by running errands, cleaning, and helping with child care. Aster's father works as a laborer at a construction site and her mother sometimes sells at the market. 

Wait. . .that is not all. I called Compassion today and asked a few questions about Aster. She has been in the program since August 2007 and has had two sponsors, but has never received a letter.  Isn't that heartbreaking!?! I will send her her first letter today. I know God has placed this beautiful girl in my life to show her His love. She is SO precious to Him. I am so excited to get to know her!! She is already so precious to me! 

There are so many more children just like Aster who receive little or no letters at all. They wait for them, just like Aster but they have never come. I pray you will be moved to sponsor a child today and show them the love of Christ. If you sponsor and don't write it is not to late to start or pick up the pace. You will never regret it!

All for Him, 

Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Great Surprise!

So yesterday my mom told me she needed a hair cut. We were going to go early (we had VBS this week) to see if she could get worked in. Mom said while we were waiting we would sit at Dairy Queen (should of known something by this!).

On the way into DQ the door opened and someone said "Here let me open the door for you."

TO MY SURPRISE IT WAS ELISA!! She (and her husband Rob) were the leaders from our COTW choir! I was so excited.... as you can tell by the picture below!

Look at Rob laughing! Elisa picked me up!

It turns out they were coming through Hazlehurst on their way to a conference and she txt my mom and asked if we could meet and have lunch. My mom thought she would surprise me!

They were so cool when we saw them on the tour two years ago and they still are!!

Elisa & I... she is so pretty.

It was so fun catching up, laughing and sharing memories. Elisa was able to tell us about her trip to Uganda and seeing some the Ugandan kids from the choir. She said they are all doing well.  God is faithful. 

We had some pretty amazing things happen this past week...  in my next post I will share more! 

All for Him,

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mail Call!!

I know I haven't been posting a lot. I haven't been online much and when I am I am on a device that really isn't easy to post on.

Anyways, when I came home from the beach I had a letter waiting for me. Yay!! It was from my sweetie from the Philippines! As all my letters from Jazzy Rain are, it was super sweet. Here are a few of my favorite parts.

Dear Alyssa Price,
            Hello, how are you? . . For me here it is okey through the help of our almighty God. Thank you very much for your beautiful picture and stickers. You look very young in your custums.(Haha:) Thank you also to Kayle and Mareanna ( Mrs. Laurie's  two very sweet girls, who drew Jazzy drawings :) for sending me a beautiful drawing. . . . Mrs. Lyssa please pray that on my recognition day in school I will have more awards, and also my brother and sister. . . . What month is your closing in school?Here in Philippines it is the month of March. Until next letter...

This girl is awesome ( if you can't tell)!! This is the first time she has said " I love you" !! She has signed   it "love, Jazzy"  but that is all. My heart melts when I read it!! It is truly amazing how close this little girl is to my heart and I have never even heard her voice or given her a hug! It is truly a God thing. :)

I have still not heard from my Reggi. It has been since December since I have heard from her. I even called Compassion  and they told me that there is not even a letter from her on the way!! Compassion is going to do a field call ( I think that is what they called it :p)  and get in contact with her project to see what is going on. Please be praying for Regita and her family, and that Compassion has good news when they get back to me. I am really worried.

Would love to hear from you in comments. :) God bless

All for Him,