Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Auntie from the Philippines.

 We were able to skype with Auntie Joy. We met here in Oct 2009 with the COTW. She was a chaperone. She is not my aunt ( more like a sister) but the kids called her Auntie so it stuck with me. :p She is so special to me.

We had so much fun Skyping. She introduced us to her little sister. We laughed.... and mom cried. We miss her SO much. 

Joy and I

She was funny. We asked what she missed from the her tour in the U.S and she said " I miss the snow.... I miss the Cracker Barrel". :) Gotta LOVE her!

She will forever be part of my "heart" family. I hope I can see her again when I go to the Philippines to meet my precious Jazzy Rain.

All for Him,

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Oh Come let us Adore Him!

Merry Christmas, Maayong Pasko and selamat Natal
God with Us!!!

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pic post Mail Call!

So my Dad brought in the mail and set it on the counter. I saw it from the kitchen. I cream colored letter!!!

I was sure it would be from my precious filipino princess or her mom because I just recieved a letter from my sweet Princess from Indonesia, but I had to wait till my mom got home from a visit with her cousin. We have an agreement that we have to wait till both of us are together to open any letters from any of are kids. -_-

Well she came home... :)

Although I could read the letter over and over it is preety long so will share just a few precious inserts....

Miss Alyssa tell your mom that she is very much welcomed as one of my new friends, thank you very much.....

Miss Alyssa thank you very much for helping Jazzy through prayers and also you friend Hannah. ( I let Hannah write a note at the bottom of on of my letters) ........

Until next time miss Alyssa, more Power, God loves you and your family, take care. Love much,
Priscila Palacios mother of Jazzy Rain Palacios

This is the first time Mrs. Priscila ever signed Love much, Priscila Palacios.... Jazzy Rain has but never Mrs. Priscila. That is so special to me.

This sweet letter came with a picture of a very special little princess

This is Jazzy Rain and her cousin Zinnia!!
Are they not both so beautiful!?

This is such a blessing to be able to write this precious girl all the way across th world. It is such a joy!

You can experince this joy that is sponsorship.... this love much. You can be the blessing

All for Him
Love Much,

Saturday, December 17, 2011


Meet Kadiatu.....

Isn't she beautiful?

Kadiatu is 4 years old and lives in the Wellington community in Sierra Leone. Her father abandoned her 2 yrs ago. She lives with her Mother and Grandpa.

She lives in a two room apartment.... and I had the great pleasure to buy her a simple bed net to protect her from Malaria. I bought her a net through See Your Impact!

This is a great organization! You buy a gift to give somebody and within two weeks you get to meet the life you changed. How cool is that?

What a blessing it is to be able to see the face of the precious life you changed.... to know her name.

Christmas is a time to give. To give in honor of the greatest gift ever given. He gave so much it is really the least we can do to give it away.

All for Him,

An Extra Special Mail Call!!

Wes, my brother saw me running down the hill to the house and when I came in said very matter of factly " You got a letter" :) YEP!!
 I went to the mail box and before I even pulled the mail out I saw it! A cream colored letter! I letter from one of our family members from another country! In this case from my beautiful Regita!

Well Regita had some very special news to share in this letter ......

Dear Alyssa Price,
It is nice to see you! :) I am glad to talk with you dispite though a letter. My family and I are well. My mother is conceiving her third child. We expect that it will be born in November.( It might already be born!!) We hope that it is a baby boy. We have not idea of what it's gender is as she has not had any  USG photos taken yet. Please pray for the baby to be born normally . How many people do you have in you family? I thank you for caring about me. :)
Love in Christ,

Regita is going to be a big sister!! I am so excited for this precious family. So this month we are not only celebrating the birth of our Lord and saviour but also the birth of this precious gift he has given this beautiful family. How awesome of a christmas gift is that???

I pray this christmas that we will all receive/give gifts that make a difference for Christ and honor Him. It is his Birthday after all!!

All for Him,

Friday, December 9, 2011

Trimming the tree!

Yesterday we had our annual tree decorating party thing. We decorate the tree and mom makes our favorite Christmas finger foods.

It was different this year because Mike and Amber were not here this year..... but it was still great. I love decorating the tree almost as much Christmas itself.

 We just spend some time together and and everyone is in a good mood.
This is my favorite ornament.

I recieved this ornament for Chistmas 2009. The christmas after I met this precious girl from Nepal.

This is our puppy ornament with a pic of our Daisy when she was just a wee puppy.

And the finished result!

What do you think?  So what do you do to celebrate the Saviors birth. . . . .the real reason for CHRISTmas and the greatest gift ever given.

All for Him,

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Our beautiful friend Maurine, from Kenya has answered some of my mom's questions about how being sponsored has changed her. She has taught me so much. She has been through more than I can imagine, and God is her everything.

Maurine was sponsored when she was young and then went though the LDP program. Maurine now works as the executive director at the Mercy House in Kenya.

Please go read my mom's blog and learn from this precious friend..........

All for Him,