Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Have A Bible.

 Hi my name is Maimouna. I am 5 yrs old. I have a Bible! 

See. . .  when I was little I was hungry a lot. My father and mother would worry all the time for me and my brother and sister. She mother would cry and I wouldn't know why. I would wonder if it was because of me. 

I didn't go to school. I would help with my baby brother at home. One day when I was going to the market for my mom a nice lady told me that there was a church that could help me. She said her daughter was going  to the church and received a  meal when she went. She said the nice people at the church would help her learn school and teach her about a man named Jesus. She said her daughters favorite part of all that the church did for her was give her letters from a person they called a sponsor.She loved her sponsor.

I ran home and told my mom all that the lady told me! I wanted to go to the church the next day! Mama thought is was a great idea too. The next day we went to the church and Mama answered some questions about me. They took a picture of me! It was the first time I had ever had my picture taken! 

I went to the church once a week. I made lots of new friends, and I learned a lot too! They told me about a man named Jesus. They told me He loves me! I liked that. It made me feel special.  

One day when I came into the project, that is what the church in called one of the ladies told me I had a sponsor!!
I was so excited! I was going to get letters like the other kids!! I learned I was sponsored by a family in America! I had heard about America but now I was going to get letters from America! 

I waited and wrote letters to them.  . . . I turned 7 and had never got a letter.  I wondered why. I wondered if I wasn't pretty enough. I smiled in the new picture, but still no letter. 

I had started to not care about letter days. I thought I would never get a letter. I was talking to my friend while the other kids had their names called to come get their letter on letter day. Then I thought I heard my , name! "Maimouna, you have a letter." I let out a shout! I ran to get my letter! I read it and read it! It was so special. I learned a lot about my sponsor! I learned they had three kids, and the youngest one had MY birthday! 

When I showed my Mom she was excited for me! Then I noticed something. My mom was not a sad anymore. She had not been as worried the past few weeks. I think it is because of my sponsor. 

My sponsors write me now! I wonder why they waited so long. I think they started writing because of Jesus! I know He loves me when I get letters. 

The project gave me a bible! It is my families only bible.  My family and I read it every night. I like my bible because I can bring it home and let my family read about what I learn about at the project. I love my sponsor. . . and I love my bible. 


This story is only half true. There is 5 yr old girl in Burkina Faso.

Her name is Maimouna. 

The only thing is she hasn't got a sponsor yet. She hasn't received a letter. She is still watching children get letters while she waits. She has waited. . . and waited. . . She has waited almost a year now. Will you end her wait? Will you show her His love? I believe you will NEVER regret it! 

To learn more about or sponsor Maimouna please click here. To look at other children click here.

All for Him,

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Thank You, LORD!

Dear God,
       Lord, You did something in my heart. You moved me to action! God, you gave me a desire to touch lives for YOUR glory! I am so thankful!
               When mom told me I should sponsor and she would help it was ALL You! Lord, without You I wouldn't have my sweet Jazzy, Reggi, or Aster. Lord, You ARE changing my life through these girls! LORD, you showed your Sovereignty in placing me with each one of these girls! They are not mine. They are YOURS. You just bless me through them. You allow me to tell them of Your amazing love for them. I am so honored. LORD, as I tell them Your love for them I realize more Your love for me. It brings me to my knees. LORD,  fill me even more with a desire to spread Your love. Never let it burn out. Help me never to go numb to the hurting in this world. I want to bring you glory!
             I am so unworthy of Your unfailing, unconditional love for me! Lord, I thank you! I thank you for these precious girls You've put in my life! I thank You for their sweet letters! I thank You for their sweet love and hugs they are always sending. Lord, I can't even thank you enough! I LOVE YOU!! In Jesus name,


Compassion International. . .  SHOW HIS LOVE.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

This Thing that I Love.

For a while now I have been blogging about "Compassion"  and how God has changed my life through this awesome organization. If you have ever read my blog ( or even my blog title) you know it is a huge blessing to me and my family.

Well, there is this cool thing going on this month called "Compassion Blogger Month" . There is a lot of cool things I could win and stuff but that doesn't even matter. Our goal for this month is for this month is to get 3,108 children sponsored. I know we can do this.
            God is Sovereign!! 

With his help we could get 15,000 children sponsored!! He loves these children more than we ever could even imagine. He cares for them! They are HIS

So what I want to ask you to do is to just go look! Go look at their faces! Look at there beautiful faces, and see Jesus! Through Christ blood on the cross God sees Jesus when He looks at them

He sees Jesus when He looks at us! All of us! YOU! They need to know that!! They need to know someone LOVES them! Will you tell them?  Just. . . . . 


All for Him,