Monday, April 23, 2012

Song Saturday

I posted this Monday for about two hours before I realized it posted and took it off. I planned on saving it for today. :P

Last Saturday my mom, a few of my friends, and I worked a Compassion table at a Jeremy Camp concert. It was good. The concert was on a football field. It rained... It poured, and it was so cold. We were soaked!  It was ALL worth it though because 6 precious children were sponsored.

Sunday ( 4/22/12) was Compassion Sunday. It was so great at our church! 13 children were sponsored! My mom and I were so blessed.

At our church we watched Jimmy's video of when he met his sponsor! That is amazing in itself. Of course they showed the Compassion Sunday video..Pastor Chris spoke on poverty and the excuses we have so we don't have to do anything... Then Claire, one of my very best friends told her Compassion Story.... She did great!

It was such a great day!! God worked so powerfully!

As we walked into the the church this song was playing in the back ground.... This is why I sponsor...

And the King will answer them, ‘Truly, I say to you, as you did it to one of the least of these my brothers, you did it to me.’ Matt. 25:40

Change the world for a child in need.... sponsor a child. 

All for Him,


Monday Mail call!!

I hope you all had a great Compassion Sunday yesterday. We were so blessed at our church. I will have to try to blog about that later!

Friday I received a letter from my sweet Jazzy girl! She is so sweet.

Here are a few things she wrote...

Dear Alyssa Price,
              How are you? I hope your fine and okey. About me here I'm okey and I'm in good condition. . . . . Little Alyssa my family is planning to go in my grandmothers house this summer vacation. We will gather together with my cousin, Tita's and Tito. I know I will enjoy there because I can play anywhere without any vehicle in the road because it is a remote place. Our closing exercises ( School.. I'm pretty sure)  is fast approaching. I'm excited because I can rest for a few months and have more fun. . . . . Little Alyssa pray for me and my family that we will be safe and have peace of mind during disaster or natural calamity... You know I newly experienced since birth an earthquake, it was intensity 6.9 magnitude. Have a good day. God Bless and may the Lord shower His Grace everyday, BA-BYE, 

She also drew me a very beautiful drawing of her family.... as swans. :)

 Isn't she so talented!! This is one of my new favorite pieces of art. 

I pray you have a blessed week... and if you sponsor a child you will receive a letter... and if you don't sponsor a child you will... You will not regret that!!

All for Him,

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Song Saturday!!

I am sorry.. it has been so long since I have blogged! I hope you didn't miss me that much. :P

Well.... there is a lot to tell.

My little brothers received their first letter from their Erik from Bolivia. I will be really honest. Not that the letter was not the sweetest thing but I was more moved by my little brother, Wyatt's reaction to the letter then the letter itself. I can see God turning his heart to the poor even at such a young age. I love him lots. <3

I received a letter yesterday from my Jazzy girl! I will blog more about that on (mail call)  Monday. :)

My mom worked a Compassion table last Saturday (55 sponsored!) at a Newsboys concert... and is going to work one tonight at a Jeremy Camp concert. I hope to help with the packet pass!  So please pray God works on the heart of people on the behalf of the precious children who need sponsors.

We sing this song often at our church. Every time God just touches me. HE IS ALIVE!!

So you also must consider yourselves dead to sin and alive to God in Christ Jesus. Romans 6:11

All for Him,

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mail Call!!

Last week I received another letter from my sweet Jazzy Rain from the Philippines!! This letter is so cute!! It made me laugh! :) I love this girly!! Here are some of the cutest parts of the letter!! She missed spelled a lot.. but I think it's cute. So know it is her miss spelling not mine. :P

Dear Alyssa Price, 
            Hello gretings form the Philipines, upun reading this letter of mine I hope you are all okey, specially to you my dear sponsor. :)... Miss Alyssa my third periodic exam in school was already finished, thank you for your prayers to me that I can get a good scored and the result is okey. Oh! your mother is your teacher how lucky you are. ( LOL! My mom loves this!) Our K.K.S.C. ( compassion center) were hold a christian concert. I enjoyed it to see, and I will always enjoyed to attend my K.K.S.C. class.... Miss Alyssa pray for me that I will be free from illness because the condition of weather here in Philipines is sometimes it is cold sometimes it is hot. Hugs... Hugs... Hugs... Love, Jazzy Rain

I love this letter!!

Please pray for my precious Regita from Indonesia. I received a letter in the middle of December ( written in October) saying that her mom was going to have another baby in November. I have not received another letter. Please pray that the baby has been born and is growing healthy and that Mrs. Saparmi is well. I am getting worried. This is a hard wait.

All for Him,

Saturday, April 7, 2012

Song Saturday!! Happy Easter!!

Tomorrow is Easter ( you know that :)! We will go to church and celebrate Gods amazing resurrection!  We are saved by Him!! He had to die for us... but he rose!!! The least we could do is to love Him with all our heart and to give our life for His glory... that's all we have ... but that is all He wants!!
I will not blog tomorrow. I will be with family. :)

Happy Easter!! HE HAS RISEN!!!!!

All for Him,