Saturday, November 3, 2012

For Real?!?

I knew it was coming! I knew it was almost time. I started checking my account on Compassion more. Then it was there!!!

Jazzy Rain in early 2011

Jazzy Rain in June 2012

She is SO beautiful!! 

I was SO excited . . . I still am!! 

This girl. . . I can't even explain what she means to me. The letters behind that beautiful girl are the sweetest letters ever! She is SO beautiful inside and out! I know God is going to do awesome things through her. . .  He already is! 

She is my little sister I have never hugged! I love her so much! 

Then it happened again!!! I wasn't expecting this! 

Aster in early 2011

Aster in Summer 2012!!!

Again, I am overwhelmed by this precious girl! She is Beautiful!! I hope I get to know her more, but she already feels like my little sister! 

These girls mean so much to me! I love them all so much! They help me never forget what is really important, showing God's love to the least of these. 

All for Him,