Sunday, May 27, 2012

God amazes me... alot!

I'm back. :) We had an AwEsOmE time at the beach (Destin), and got home Friday. It was so great seeing Mike and Amber!!  The beach was beautiful, but I am not going to talk about the beach or our vacation.

The last time I skyped with Auntie Joy (If you don't know her read this post :) she told me she was going to get all the filipino kids from the C.O.T.W. together for like a reunion, and she might be able to let my mom and I skype with them!! I was so excited. She said she might do this in May so all through this month I have thought about it.

The day before we left for Destin my mom got a messege from Joy that said  " Please be on skype tonight. I have a suprize. :)". I was crazy excited!

Of course we got on skype that night. Can you guess what the suprise was? She ( because she is awesome) let all the filipino ( C.O.T.W.) kids skype with US!! Guys, it was so great!! We had not heard these kids voices (and some not even seen their face) in two years. They were so sweet!! It was so great hearing them laugh! They have grown so much!

This is me with some of the girls( March 2010). I skyped with the three girls in white ( and a few others) . 
This is them at the reunion about a week ago. The girl on the left ( Venus( I skyped with her too :) is not in the last pic but the other two girls are. They are all so beautiful!!

God amazes me with how He allows me to keep in touch with these awesome kids. I am so thankful! I am so thankful Joy and Josh (another chaporone that is in the Philippines) let us skype with the kids. We were just some weird people that followed their tour. :P 

And to think we almost didn't go back to church that night in October 2009 when they first came to our church. So many things would be different . . . I probably wouldn't be sponsoring my Jazzy girl.. . . We would not be nearly as involved in Compassion. 

God can change the way you think in just a minute. He has totally changed my world through these kids. He might use other things to change you but this is what He used for me, and I am thankful He did! 

All for Him,

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Song Saturday!

This is my first post of Summer!! Thursday was my last day of school for 8th grade! It's kinda weird to think I am in high school now.

We are starting Summer with a week at the beach! We are having a great time. We are so grateful to be here!Mike (brother) and Amber ( his wife) will come tomorrow, so we are very excited about that! We are in Destin, Florida! It is so beautiful. I probably won't post till I get home or a little after.

I love this song! I have only heard it once or twice but it gives me hope. When we see the poverty... the brokeness... the hurt.... it's good to know there is hope. If you are a child of God this is not your home.

All for Him, 

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Song Saturday!!

I wanted to share a very beautiful girl I saw on the Compassion website


Matha is from Uganda. She is nine years old.  She needs a sponsor.  Matha lives with her mother and siblings . . . . Only her mother... No Dad. :(  She helps carry water. She likes rolling a hoop and singing... 
Her bare feet just kill me!! I wish I could give her a hug and some shoes!! 

Matha is real.... She is not just a picture... She is just as real as you or me... or that sweet little girl, from the Philippines who sends me drawings and letters. She needs to know how special she is and how much she is LOVED by the one who made her beautiful.  Will you tell her?? Will you sponsor her for 38 dollars a month?? Just click on her link

All for Him, 

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

This and That Tuesday!!

I had a great time at the retreat over the weekend. It was so fun. I made a lot of new friends. The women that came and spoke were all in their early twenties and really on fire for God. They were so great... It was really sad when we had to say bye...  

One of the ladies that stayed at my host home was really interested in hearing about mine and my friends Compassion children... It was really cool being able to talk about it with somebody who hasn't heard before... 

I have been reading the book " Do Hard Thing" by Alex and Brett Harris. It is awesome. It talks about how the world has low expectations for teenagers so teenagers never reach there full God given potential. People think of the teenage years as a vacation. 

I don't want be the typical teenager... you know... do school... hang out with friends ... never make a difference in the world. 

We are following the Compassion bloggers as they go to Tanzania... I hope you are too!!

Have a great week!!

All for Him,

Friday, May 4, 2012

I'll be back...

Well, I am going to a weekend retreat thing at my church so I won't be able to post till like Monday.  Hopefully I can post Monday mail call.... We will see.

We have been very busy lately. Only a week or so left of school!! I am so ready for summer. :)

Anyway, hope you all have a great weekend.

Here is your song for tomorrow... ( Our sweet C.O.T.W. team :)

All for Him,