Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Mail Call!!

Ok so I have received TWO letters from my sweet filipino in the past two weeks. :) I love her!!

I have only received letters from Jazzy's sweet mom, and the one or two notes from Jazzy were just two or three sentences long.  These two were written by her!!

The first one was one about her house.  I learned that she has electricity and gets her water from a pump! Yay!! Her house is made of bamboo, cement, and wood. Her house is 1.5 kilometers away from her project.

Her drawing of her house and Christmas tree. She is talented 

Then there was a note thanking me for my support and wishing me a Merry Christmas. It was signed....

The second letter was a Christmas card.... she made me a Christmas card see....

One side of the card was a Christmas note from Jazzy to me and the other side was a Christmas note from her mom Mrs. Priscila to my mom Teena. Pretty sweet right? That is not all.... 

There was a whole other letter from Jazzy stapled to the card!!! This girl is sweet!! Here are a few of the many cute thing she said.:) 

I think your family are safe and good health . Thank you very much for sending me a Christmas card and stickers.

Zaira and Texus said to me thank you for your greetings to them, and your prayers. My favorite Christmas song is " Joy to the World" 

Regards to all your family circle especially you. :)

Jazzy Rain Palacios

This is such a blessing!  I love reading these letters over and over again. 

I hope these sweet letters blessed you.  They bless me beyond words. 

You could receive letters like these. You can change a life. You can sponsor a child 

All for Him,


Hez said...

that is awesome she wrote her own letters!!! It's always so special when they finally start writing all by themself!!

Crystal said...

Thank you for sharing the letters, you are so lucky for receiving them! She seem like a very sweet girl and I am sure you two will have a long and precious friendship :)



South GA Mama said...

That is so precious! I showed my girls! They seem touched...remember writing with ya'll at the letter party. I am wanting them to be interested and ask to sponsor. So thankful you sponsor and even more so that you put your heart into this. You bless the lives of others! Love, Laurie

Kayla said...

Thank you so much for sharing these with us. I love seeing letters from children, regardless if they are "my" children or not. Jazzy Rain seems so sweet. What a great little girl.

Kelsey said...

Thank you for the sweet comment on my blog...We live like 5 minutes from the main Compassion headquarters which is really cool!!! My Mom did a post a while back of the time we took a tour...You can look at the post here,, Check it out:-)

Hope u are having a blessed week!!

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

Hi Lysa! So happy to be back on your blog again. I just re-read the last post you made and it still brings smiles to my face!

Thanks for visiting my blog and keep up your terrific work with your sponsor/correspondance kids!

God bless your heart,


Ps, that was me removing the last comment due to editing. I am terrible with checking my spelling before pushing that publish button LOL

The dB family said...

I wonder if Jazzy and our Ariel (boy) are around the same age. Sometimes we receive letters that he wrote and sometimes they are letters that he's obviously dictated. I do miss the letters from his grandmother, though. We received letters from each of our Compassion children this week -- and on the same day yet too!