Saturday, February 18, 2012

Song Saturday

This week has been amazing!!! I would share but it's my mom's story to share. :) She can word it better too. So please go read over at her blog.

God is so much greater than we can ever imagine!! He is able to change hearts and move mountains!!

                                                                     God is greater!!!!


All for Him,


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Anonymous said...

It has been an amazing week. Some bumps along the way... but His grace always comes through. Hang in there. I know the past few wks things haven't been so easy. It was great this week as we spent some time just you and I... talking with Kees. :) Wow... amazing huh?

love you!

Lysa said...

Yes!! So Amazing!! I love you, mom

Haley said...

Hi Lysa!

I've been following your blog, I really like hearing the sweet letters from your sponsor kids :). Today I thought it was so cool that you posted the song 'Our God'. I'm in a youth praise team at our church and we are singing that this Sunday...definitely one of my favorite songs!

Haley :)

South GA Mama said...

I am so happy your family is choosing to sponsor another child! Ya'll are such a blessing! I enjoy reading your blog! Love, Laurie