Saturday, February 25, 2012

Song Saturday

Sorry this is late. This is not really a song but the little girls sing a song so this might work. :p I love this video so much. This is a little girl from my mom's Erik's project.

 I love the sweet baby that is on the mother's back. He makes me smile! If you listen real close you can hear the translator translating. :)
So adorable right!? That baby is too CuTe!!!

All for Him,


Mary Faith said...

This video is beautiful! - So much emotion.
And, yes, that baby is crazy cute!

Teena said...

I just love it. Love that baby! Love how the mom is thanking the sponsor...

Love you!

Hannah said...

This video makes me cry every time I have watched it. The fact that the mom is overwhelmed by our seemingly small acts just breaks me. Thanks for sharing :)

Helping Africa said...

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