Wednesday, February 22, 2012

I LoVe Skype!!

So a few days ago I was able to skype with Auntie Joy from the Philippines!! It was so fun!! Her family owns a dress shop so she showed me some of the beautiful dresses.

 She introduced us to her 4 year old nephew, Calix who is way too adorable. He sang us a song in his language and my little brothers sang "Jesus loves me" for him.

We had so much fun laughing.... talking... and just catching up!!! I miss her sooo much.

She ate lunch while we were skyping so I got to see some filipino food. It looked good. She told me I should come to the Philippines and try some. :) Oh I want to go so bad.... all in God's timing.

We have so much Joy ( no pun intended) when we talk to her! But then I think how the joys we have on earth.... writing to my girls... getting letters.... and skyping is so little compared to the amazing joy we will have in heaven, with God the one who gives all joy!!

What are you joyful about today?? I would love to hear.

                                                                 All for Him,


Lizzie said...

Soo cool! Skyping sounds like fun :)

Well, I just started sponsoring Mabel from Bolivia. Actaully, about six girls and I are sponsoring her. She is almost 20. I am making magnets of her picture for all of us girls. We are so blessed to have this opportunity to get to know a beautiful young lady.

God bless,

Josh said...

Don't let Joy fool you Lysa...she doesn't share her food...ever! :-)