Sunday, March 4, 2012

How Great!!

Well I missed Song Saturday. Sorry. I am in Florida visiting my brother and his wife. We have had a lot of fun.... unfortunately it ends today. We have school tomorrow. :(

Anyway...  few weeks ago I said I would share an awesome story with you. Well here goes.:)

My Dad had mentioned sponsoring another child from South America, through Compassion for him and my two little brothers to write to ( That is amazing in itself). My mom, my two little brothers and I looked at the Compassion site to see who God had for us. We decided to wait and pray about the little boy ( The boys were sure they wanted a boy about their age) we had in mind, and the boy God had for us.

My mom posted on Our Compassion asking for some info about some countries. A lot of people commented about a man named Kees Boer. They said he was looking for a sponsor , for a little boy from Bolivia named Erik. They said Kees goes to Bolivia often and he will get us a lot of pics and even some videos of Erik and his project.

We talked to Kees that night on Facebook. He told us many things. He showed us videos and pics. We told him we would pray and try to give him an answer about Erik in the morning after we talk to the boys and of course Dad. I was kind of nervous about it but we prayed it would work out. :)

The next morning we talked to the boys. They were so excited!! Of course they said they would love to sponsor Erik. :)  Then Dad...... well he wasn't that excited but he said YES!!!

                                                                       God is sooo Great!!!

This is Erik......
This is his Compassion photo.

This is one of Mr. Kees's pictures

Isn't he so sweet and cute!! <3 Mr. Kees says "He is a very tenderhearted young boy". :)

We are so excited about what God has planned for us and this little boy. 

God is so much bigger than are plans and dream. 

Pretty great story right? ;) 

All for Him,


The dB family said...

Definitely great story!! What a sweet little boy!


Kayla said...

Why wasn't your dad excited? Didn't you say that it was his idea to sponsor a child from South America?

Erik is so adorable!

Lizzie said...

That is soo sweet! A bunch of friends and I started sponsoring an older girl from Bolivia just a couple of weeks ago! She is from BO559, what about Erik?
-Lizzie :)

Lysa said...

My dad doesn't get excited about much... hahaha.

Erik is from BO571. Kees the advocate I shared about goes to BO571 a lot. Are you on Our Compassion, Lizzie? He has lots of pics from lots of projects in Bolivia.


Lizzie said...

Unfortunately no, Lysa. I want to, but I must ask my dad first, and my mom wants me to do things that are not Compassion related as well. I have looked at Kees's youtube though. The videos are really cool!