Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Update on Aljane!

I have an awesome update on Aljane! Josh, her sponsor ( and the sound guy for her choir team) is in the Philippines and was able to visit her. I have a updated picture of her!

This is Aljane and I in Dec. 09.

This is Aljane about two weeks ago!

I can't believe how much she has grown. She is doing well. She was able to move out of the gym she and her family was living in and move into a "house". We are so thankful!

We sent a card to Josh before he left to give to her. When he gave it to her he said " This is from Auntie Teena and Alyssa. You remember them right?" He said Aljane just smiled and said " Of course" :) That just makes my heart leap. I was so worried they would go home and forget us and how much we love them. Thank you to all who prayed for Aljane.

This is all the kids from Aljane's choir. They are sending love to the west team ( they are the east team)
I hope you enjoy it.

All for Him,


The dB family said...

How exciting to have a newer photo of Aljane! She is beautiful!


Teena said...

I love listening to your heart. Oh the memories we have of them. I am so thankful we will always remember.. and now Claire, Hannah & Evie have memories of "their kids" how awesome God is. YOU know exactly how they feel!

I love you.