Monday, November 28, 2011

Mail Call :) :)

Saterday afternoon my mom was cleaning some stuff off the counter and found a letter! Let me explain.... My mom and I went shoping for a few things on Friday. Usually when we recieve letters when we are gone my little brothers will tell me right away...... not this time. -_-  Well we opened it right away..... It was from Mrs. Priscila, Jazzy Rain's mom. :) It was so sweet!  
( Kind of long but you will be blessed)....
      Dear Alyssa Price, Hello have a wonderful day to you and your family. I recieved your letter with card and stickers for Jazzy and thank you very much Jazzy are so happy to read it. Well Christmas season is now approaching. Jazzy plans to put up a christmas tree in the house. Jazzy's favorite color is pink she have one brother and one sister, she is the youngest. Jazzy joined the programmed in her school  "Linggo Ng Wika". She dance as an Sgonot a traditional dance here in the Philippines. Our compassion student center hold a field trip at  Science Centrum. She enjoyed much much in their field trip. She saw many things like big bubbles different kinds of lights and colors. A very very much thank you to you for sending a beautiful messege and beautiful picture and stickers she felt very happy and so cute of you picture. Thank you for your prayers to Jazzy and supporting in Compassion.  Just pray for her safety in going to school and back and forth, as well as her brother and sister. How about you? Where did you spend your christmas vacation. What are the work of your parents? Jesus will continue to shower His  Grace to you and you family circle.
I say this all the time..... I am in love with this little girl and her whole family. <3
She blesses me so much. Please bless a child today.... You will be blessed too.

All for Him,


Mama of 2 Great Kids said...

So cool that she writes in English... no need for translation! Do you know what "Linggo Ng Wika" is? It's National Language Week... basically celebrating the importance of the native Filipino language.

Lysa said...

No I was going to google that :) Thank a lot. That is so cool.

Kayla said...

What a beautiful letter! It's such a blessing that her mom knows how to read and write. That isn't as common in the places where our sponsored kiddos live.

The dB family said...

Aren't their letters the best!! They're always an encouragement to us as their sponsors. I just pray we're half as encouraging to them as they are to us!


Hannah said...

Hey Allysa!

I am so excited because I just received a correspondent child from the Philippines, just like you Jazzy Rain!
I was wondering if you could tell me a little about the Philippines, since you've had Jazzy Rain for a while.
I cannot wait to get to know my new friend. Thanks so much!