Friday, November 11, 2011

This and That!

My mom and I have been so blessed reading stories told by the bloggers in Ecuador! It is truly amazing. I remember reading the blogger trip to the Philippines which led me to sponsor my precious Jazzy girl. Hopfully some day I will be a blogger to the Philippines! I pray God will allow!

My mom and I decieded to pick some children from Ecuador that need sponsors and pray for them by name. That God would bless them with a loving, writing sponsor! I would love to share the three precious girl I have chosen.

Abigail is six yrs old and  lives with her mother, father and two brothers or sisters

For fun, Abigail enjoys playing house, playing with dolls and hide-and-seek. She attends Bible class regularly and is in kindergarten where her performance is average. If you would like to sponsor or just learn more about Abigail you can click on her name under her pic

Jazeel is also six yrs old. She lives with her parents and two brothers or sisters.

Art, playing with dolls and playing group games are Jazeel's favorite activities. In primary school her performance is above average and she also regularly attends church activities. Also if you would like to see Sweet Jazeel's complete bio please click on he name under her picture.

Melany is a only child who lives with both her parents. She is six yrs old too. Her sad face just breaks my heart and in that same heart I know she is beautiful and God has great plans for her
Playing house, playing with dolls and playing ball games are Melany's favorite activities. In kindergarten her performance is average and she also regularly attends Bible class. To see more info on this precious girl just click on her name below her pic

All the of these beautiful girls have been waiting and praying for more than six months for a loving sponsor. Maybe you can be their answer to their prayers. Maybe God is calling you to sponsor a child maybe not one of these...  PLEASE look at some of the many children waiting for hope..... for love..... maybe even for YOU!

My great friend Hannah as just started a blog. She corresponds with a little boy. I would tell you more but you will just have to hear it from Hannah here

I really hate to ask for prayer for myself but the weather changes  have got to me and I am sick. Could you please pray I feel better? I would really appreciate that. :) Thank you.

                                                                                  All for Him,


Hannah said...

they are all so precious! i hope they get sponsered!

Lizzie said...

I will be praying for them. BTW, I can no longer go to Claire's blog. It will not come up. I thought you might want to tell her.

Lysa said...

Oh thanks Lizzie. I will tell Claire.

Lizzie said...

I can see it now, thanks :)

Lysa said...

Your welcome!!

Lysa said...

Your welcome!!