Sunday, November 13, 2011

Pic Post Sunday!

I have a very beautiful picture to show you!

I think by now you all know this pretty face.... She is my precious Regita from Indonesia. A couple weeks ago I had seen a new portrait pic of her on my Our Compassion, but when I went to my account on Compassion it hadn't updated. Well..... It finally updated! :)

Soooo beautiful..... as always. :)

I just cannot get over it. She is precious. I LOVE her pretty smile. She looks so much older. I love this girl so much and cannot wait to get to know her more. Have you had a picture of one of your children update lately? I would love to see it.

All for Him, 


Claire said...

She is beautiful! Love U!!!(:

Lizzie said...

Oh She is soo beautiful and she's grown up so much!! I just got an updated picture of Lucie about two weeks ago. You'll love the new pictures you get in the mail :)

Hannah said...

she is so beautiful! she has grown so much...
luv you!