Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Birthday, My Precious Regita!

Today Regita from Indonesia turns nine. I love her so much!


Regita lives wuth her parents and sister, Yovita.  She addends Agape Student Center.
Regita lives by the beach. :)

Regita's favorite food is fried rice.... That is one of my favorite food too!  When Regita grows up she wnts to be a doctor. She asked us to pray because right now her dad does not have enough for her to be a doctor.:( She asked that we pray God would bless. I pray that every day.

I love you, Regita so much. You are growing so fast. God bless You, Precious.

All for Him,


Mary Faith said...

Woooo! Happy Birthday, Regita! :D

The dB family said...

Happy Birthday Regita!! She's blessed to have you as her sponsor!