Thursday, December 22, 2011

Pic post Mail Call!

So my Dad brought in the mail and set it on the counter. I saw it from the kitchen. I cream colored letter!!!

I was sure it would be from my precious filipino princess or her mom because I just recieved a letter from my sweet Princess from Indonesia, but I had to wait till my mom got home from a visit with her cousin. We have an agreement that we have to wait till both of us are together to open any letters from any of are kids. -_-

Well she came home... :)

Although I could read the letter over and over it is preety long so will share just a few precious inserts....

Miss Alyssa tell your mom that she is very much welcomed as one of my new friends, thank you very much.....

Miss Alyssa thank you very much for helping Jazzy through prayers and also you friend Hannah. ( I let Hannah write a note at the bottom of on of my letters) ........

Until next time miss Alyssa, more Power, God loves you and your family, take care. Love much,
Priscila Palacios mother of Jazzy Rain Palacios

This is the first time Mrs. Priscila ever signed Love much, Priscila Palacios.... Jazzy Rain has but never Mrs. Priscila. That is so special to me.

This sweet letter came with a picture of a very special little princess

This is Jazzy Rain and her cousin Zinnia!!
Are they not both so beautiful!?

This is such a blessing to be able to write this precious girl all the way across th world. It is such a joy!

You can experince this joy that is sponsorship.... this love much. You can be the blessing

All for Him
Love Much,


Anonymous said...

I am so thankful Jazzy is in our life... I love that her mom and I are now friends!

So thankful for YOU! You are the apple of my eye! Merry Christmas, Lysa!


Hannah said...

awww! That is so sweet!That pic,is so adorable.....

The dB family said...

Isn't it fun when a letter arrives unexpectedly. We find our letters often arrive in bunches. We won't see anything for weeks, and all of a sudden we'll get two or three.

So neat to read that Mrs. Priscilla is warming up to you!