Wednesday, December 28, 2011

My Auntie from the Philippines.

 We were able to skype with Auntie Joy. We met here in Oct 2009 with the COTW. She was a chaperone. She is not my aunt ( more like a sister) but the kids called her Auntie so it stuck with me. :p She is so special to me.

We had so much fun Skyping. She introduced us to her little sister. We laughed.... and mom cried. We miss her SO much. 

Joy and I

She was funny. We asked what she missed from the her tour in the U.S and she said " I miss the snow.... I miss the Cracker Barrel". :) Gotta LOVE her!

She will forever be part of my "heart" family. I hope I can see her again when I go to the Philippines to meet my precious Jazzy Rain.

All for Him,


Kayla said...

I like the idea of a "heart family". I think my heart family must have about a thousand people in it.

Teena said...

It was great fun... skyping with her!

Love you oh and Happy New Year! God is great... just yesterday when we thought that we would never add to our sponsored children a door opened.... we were able to see our BIG God!