Saturday, December 17, 2011

An Extra Special Mail Call!!

Wes, my brother saw me running down the hill to the house and when I came in said very matter of factly " You got a letter" :) YEP!!
 I went to the mail box and before I even pulled the mail out I saw it! A cream colored letter! I letter from one of our family members from another country! In this case from my beautiful Regita!

Well Regita had some very special news to share in this letter ......

Dear Alyssa Price,
It is nice to see you! :) I am glad to talk with you dispite though a letter. My family and I are well. My mother is conceiving her third child. We expect that it will be born in November.( It might already be born!!) We hope that it is a baby boy. We have not idea of what it's gender is as she has not had any  USG photos taken yet. Please pray for the baby to be born normally . How many people do you have in you family? I thank you for caring about me. :)
Love in Christ,

Regita is going to be a big sister!! I am so excited for this precious family. So this month we are not only celebrating the birth of our Lord and saviour but also the birth of this precious gift he has given this beautiful family. How awesome of a christmas gift is that???

I pray this christmas that we will all receive/give gifts that make a difference for Christ and honor Him. It is his Birthday after all!!

All for Him,


Steve Finnell said...
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Hannah said...

AWW!!! thats so cool!!!!