Thursday, September 27, 2012

I Have A Bible.

 Hi my name is Maimouna. I am 5 yrs old. I have a Bible! 

See. . .  when I was little I was hungry a lot. My father and mother would worry all the time for me and my brother and sister. She mother would cry and I wouldn't know why. I would wonder if it was because of me. 

I didn't go to school. I would help with my baby brother at home. One day when I was going to the market for my mom a nice lady told me that there was a church that could help me. She said her daughter was going  to the church and received a  meal when she went. She said the nice people at the church would help her learn school and teach her about a man named Jesus. She said her daughters favorite part of all that the church did for her was give her letters from a person they called a sponsor.She loved her sponsor.

I ran home and told my mom all that the lady told me! I wanted to go to the church the next day! Mama thought is was a great idea too. The next day we went to the church and Mama answered some questions about me. They took a picture of me! It was the first time I had ever had my picture taken! 

I went to the church once a week. I made lots of new friends, and I learned a lot too! They told me about a man named Jesus. They told me He loves me! I liked that. It made me feel special.  

One day when I came into the project, that is what the church in called one of the ladies told me I had a sponsor!!
I was so excited! I was going to get letters like the other kids!! I learned I was sponsored by a family in America! I had heard about America but now I was going to get letters from America! 

I waited and wrote letters to them.  . . . I turned 7 and had never got a letter.  I wondered why. I wondered if I wasn't pretty enough. I smiled in the new picture, but still no letter. 

I had started to not care about letter days. I thought I would never get a letter. I was talking to my friend while the other kids had their names called to come get their letter on letter day. Then I thought I heard my , name! "Maimouna, you have a letter." I let out a shout! I ran to get my letter! I read it and read it! It was so special. I learned a lot about my sponsor! I learned they had three kids, and the youngest one had MY birthday! 

When I showed my Mom she was excited for me! Then I noticed something. My mom was not a sad anymore. She had not been as worried the past few weeks. I think it is because of my sponsor. 

My sponsors write me now! I wonder why they waited so long. I think they started writing because of Jesus! I know He loves me when I get letters. 

The project gave me a bible! It is my families only bible.  My family and I read it every night. I like my bible because I can bring it home and let my family read about what I learn about at the project. I love my sponsor. . . and I love my bible. 


This story is only half true. There is 5 yr old girl in Burkina Faso.

Her name is Maimouna. 

The only thing is she hasn't got a sponsor yet. She hasn't received a letter. She is still watching children get letters while she waits. She has waited. . . and waited. . . She has waited almost a year now. Will you end her wait? Will you show her His love? I believe you will NEVER regret it! 

To learn more about or sponsor Maimouna please click here. To look at other children click here.

All for Him,

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Very touching Lysa! Love you! Laurie