Friday, August 10, 2012

This girl!

This is Chanley! 

Chanley is one of my sweet 2 yr olds from the CDA. ( Read the last post :) 

We first met all the kids the first day on the playground. Chanley and a few of the other kids kept picking up sticks and little acorn things and would bring them to me and Katie and say " Popcorn" . Then we would play along and pretend to eat it and they would laugh and giggle. :) It was super cute! 

I love all the kids but I got more attached to Chanley then any of the other kids because she got more attached to me then any of the other kids.<3  After the end of the first day Chanley knew my name but she would say. . " What your name?"  then I would say, laughing " You silly girl. You know my name." . She would laugh and the say " Alyssa! " . She wanted attention. :)

 The end of the second day Katie and I were giving the kids hugs bye. When I got to Chanley she grabbed both my hand, looked with her pretty brown eyes and said " Don't go home".  I told her had to and that I loved her and would be back tomorrow. I wanted to stay though! 


By the time the next day came I was ready to get hugs from Chanley and the others! We got there and as we were getting out of the van a little voice piped up and said " Hi!". It was Chanley with her head poked out of her car! :) She ran and gave Katie and I hug and then went inside. It was SO sweet!

That day was water day! The kids got their swim suits on and went to the water arch thingies they had behind the building. I didn't know it was water day so I was in jeans and a shirt. I played with the kids any way! I love them to much to just let them play without me. :) Chanley would grab my arm and say " Come on!" as she pulled me through the water arches. It was so fun. I played with all the other sweet kids but none were as excited as Chanley! We all had a blast! 

Chanley with my glasses on. :)

Pretty girl!! 

I was having having a great time with the kids,but I knew in the back of my mind I would have to say goodbye soon. When it came time to say goodbye I gave all the kids hugs, told them they were special and that I loved them. I longed to tell them God loved them. . . all three days I longed to tell them, but it was against rules to talk about any religion or use the name Jesus or God there, and I didn't want to make Jesus loving people ( who we told them we were/ who we are ) look bad by breaking rules.

When I got to Chanley she held her hands out for me to hold he. I picked her up and she said it again . . " Don't go home. " I was on the brink of crying. Again I told her I had to and that I love her so much! Then she said "I want to come to your house!" . WOW!! The fact that she had only known me for two days, but wanted to come home with me hit me hard. She is only two but she wants to leave her family to come to my house!?! 

All kids want, is to be loved. Chanley showed me that. We want affection. That is just how God made all of us. You can show love to a child that may not see it. . . You can show them the greatest love ever. . . You can show them the LOVE of Christ. It is so deep. It is so awesome! He LOVES us!! 

All for Him, 

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South GA Mama said...

Wonderful story!!! So sweet! :) Glad you had a great time!