Saturday, August 18, 2012

From: Ethiopia!!

About a week ago I received my very first letter from my Aster from Ethiopia!! I am so excited about this African Princess! She is so sweet . . . I can tell. :) 

The letter is a fill in the blank so there really isn't a full letter. . . I learned a lot about this sweet girl though!!

Aster lives with both her parents. She has one sister named Sheuase. Aster's favorite game is pretending. :) In school she is best in English. Her favorite pet is a cat, and her favorite color is red.  Her favorite bible story is about Jesus. I guess that means all with Jesus in it. :) She likes Christmas. She said she likes to learn, and she wants to be a teacher that means two of my girls want to be teachers and one wants to be a doctor. 

Beautiful girl! 

I love this girl already!I can't wait to get to know her even more!These girls are changing my life! 

All For Him,

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God's Gal said...

eeks! so exciting! :D she's precious! <3