Saturday, August 4, 2012

Student Life in review. . .

Yes, I am alive. ;) I know I have not blogged in a LONG time. . . I am sorry.Since I have been back from Student Life ( read last post :) life has been busy .

Student Life was AWESOME!! God was in every little detail! I went with the church from Norcross and in the first one or two days it felt like we had known each other for forever! God is AWESOME right?!?  Katie and Hannah were my roommates. We became really close! We stayed up till 2:00 the first night just talking. They are so cool!!
Katie, Me, and Hannah. :) 

Back of the bus. LOL. I love the facial expressions. :) 

We worked with the C.D.A. ( Child Development Association) all week. It was kind of like a daycare for poor families. Katie and I helped in the two year old class. They had classes for up to 5 yrs old. Those children were adorable!! I fell in love! :) 

Love them!! 

We had eleven 2 yr olds and 2 or 3 teachers in the class each day. We were there to help with anything the teachers needed us to do . . . Help with lunch . . . Put lotion on the kids after water day . . . Read a book or two. . . and so on

The kids were very needy . . . Not for material things, but for love ( probably material things too). I could tell the children probably didn't get a lot of attention at home, and I was ready to give lots of hugs. :) 

Most of the children and I. <3

This baby is SO cute!! 

Does she not have the cutest smile ever?!? :) 

God did AMAZING things at Student Life!! He showed me so much!! One of the guys I went with (Katie's brother) started a saving relationship with Christ!! I can't even explain how God worked in that amazing moment. He is sovereign!! 

Thanks for all who prayed for me and helped me get there. You guys are super cool!! I will share more about Student Life in the next few posts. This one is getting long. :P

God is great and does great things!! 

All for Him,


Hannah said...

Ah I've been waiting for this post! I am so glad you had a great time. I have been to several Student Life conferences and they're all really good. Sounds like working with the babies was a lot of fun :)


God's Gal said...

sounds like an awesome time! God is so great. :)

South GA Mama said...

So glad you had a great time! It was so good to see y'all today too! :) Love ya, Laurie