Saturday, May 19, 2012

Song Saturday!

This is my first post of Summer!! Thursday was my last day of school for 8th grade! It's kinda weird to think I am in high school now.

We are starting Summer with a week at the beach! We are having a great time. We are so grateful to be here!Mike (brother) and Amber ( his wife) will come tomorrow, so we are very excited about that! We are in Destin, Florida! It is so beautiful. I probably won't post till I get home or a little after.

I love this song! I have only heard it once or twice but it gives me hope. When we see the poverty... the brokeness... the hurt.... it's good to know there is hope. If you are a child of God this is not your home.

All for Him, 


Kayla said...

I recently wrote a whole blog post relating to this song. I've been feeling homesick for heaven lately and this song helps a lot when this world wears me out.

Thanks for the reminder.

South GA Mama said...

Happy for y'all! Glad y'all are finished with school for this year & going on vacation!!! Can't get much better than that! Love ya! Laurie