Monday, March 26, 2012

Mail call!!

Last week I received a letter from my sweet girly from the Philippines! She wrote it herself in english.( How cool is that??) Here are some parts of her sweet letter!

Dear Alyssa Price, 
             Hello upon reading this letter of mine, I hope you are in good situation and have a beautiful smile ( I was smiling for sure!) ..... My family celebrate the Christmas season in my Grandmothers house. I enjoyed playing with my cousins. ... I thanks that our Savior was born.... I always attend our K.K.S.C  class ( Compassion project :) every Saturday. I loved my teacher because she is good and patient  Lexus Kin ( her brother) was not  enjoyed Christmas season because he was injured in bicycle. My mother brought him to the hospital, but don't warry ( worry :) he was recovered now.... 
Sweet kisses and Jesus loves you all. Love Lots, Jazzy Rain

I am getting so close to this little girl! She is like the LITTLE ( I have a big) sister I never had.  I love her so much.

All for Him,


Autumn said...

Hey there! Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog! Your's is so cute! And I think it's really cool how you write to little girls in the Philippines... :)

Blessings and Smiles,

p.s- My very best friend's name is Lyssa too. ♥

South GA Mama said...

Glad you hear back from the girls you sponsor & write! So sweet of you to care & take the time to write them also! Love ya! Laurie

Lizzie said...

Sooo cool! I am soo happy you got a letter :) I got one from my little girl in Indonesia on Monday, too. They are so precious ;)