Sunday, September 11, 2011

Joy on a sad day!

Today my oldest brother Mike launched a church in Conway, Fl. He will be the worship leader and our long time friend Mr. Rick will be the pastor. They had a turn out of 150 people. We are so thankful and excited for what God is doing in the ministry of Grace Conway. We are praising God for the great turn out. We are continuing to pray for the lives in Conway that need God. We are  praying that more people than we can count will be impacted by this new church. Will you pray for the ministy of Grace Conway?

Mike is 12 years older than me (26). He married Amber in 2007. They moved to Florida in June 2010. We see them about every two months.We miss them. We are going for a visit the end of the month. I am so excited.Oh and Mike and Amber sponsor a child with Compassion  too.

Mike is the guy on the stage :)

I know today is a very sad day for all of us because of the 9/11 attack ten years ago. We are praying for those who lost love ones. We pray God would give them comfort.  We also pray for the muslim people who think killing people will get them to heaven. I pray God would open there eyes to the true God who loves them. That they would turn from there horrible ways and seek His face.

So happy for you Mike and Amber. You both are so cool.

Thank all for for reading. I love you guys.

All for Him,