Friday, September 23, 2011

Crazy thought!

My mom and I were riding in the car listening to the christian radio and the man was saying how in America lots of people are living in poverty. I can't remember the percentage. Than he went on to say that to be classified as povery in America you make less then 22,000 a year..... 22,000 thats about 1,800 a month. My mind immediately thought of my sweet little Regita and her family who makes 15.00 a month.

$15.00 a month

I thought of the the many many children in the third world that live on a dollar a day....360 a year not 22,000. I do feel bad for the people in America that stuggle to put food on the table. I know a family we are helping from our church that struggle with not having enough money. But how can we call 22,000 a year poverty when familys are living on a dollar a day in other countries?

It just kind of made me think. Hope it does you too.

All for Him,
Sponsor a Child and give Hope.


Michelle ~ Blogging from the Boonies said...

I understand what you mean. Poverty in the US is really different from poverty around the world. The thing is, sometimes people will give us a hard time and ask why we help "foreigners" when people in the US need help. The bottom line is, out of all of the people that I know locally who sponsor, they are also the ones who are pitching in and helping in the US as well. Whether it be volunteering at the food bank, visiting seniors, giving to Toys for Tots and so on.
One of our girls in Rwanda lives in an area where the average monthly income is $3. No, I didn't forget any numbers. In US, thousands and thousands of people spend more than that every day on a coffee drink at Starbucks.
Anyway, the fact that you are thinking about this now is a good thing. It will change you and shape your life. God bless ya, sweetie!

Teena said...

You warm my heart... daily.

love you,

The dB family said...

Hi Lysa,

Thank you for stopping by my blog and saying hello! We LOVE Compassion too! We got to see their head office when we were in Manila. We wanted to see our two sponsored children too, but we already has our new little girls with us and felt it would be too much for them, so we packed two back packs full of stuff for them and some of the workers took them into their projects the next time they went.

It is very shocking to see how people in third world countries live day by day, but even more shocking is how genuinely happy so many of them are. It makes one think twice about the wealth we have.

Thank you for being an advocate for Compassion! It is my prayer that all the children in need may one day be sponsored!


Lizzie said...

Wow! There is a big difference between $1 and $60. But, I think, it may because in the U.S. things cost more. Like I know of people who have given their Compassion kid $10. And the child got shoes (first of all, any shoes I know of cost like $30!), and other stuff too. So, money goes farther in other countries. I just thought that this could be why the big difference.