Monday, December 10, 2012

Just some Awesome stuff. . :)

I got a letter from my Filipino princess, and it is precious!!!

She made me a birthday card! It is so sweet! 

Oh, this girl! I love her! 

I have actually received a few letters and just haven't had the time to blog. . .  I feel so close to this precious girl

Compassion International is planning a sponsor tour to the Philippines in January of 2014. . .  :) 
I am praying about going . . I would LOVE to go.

 I have been saving a little every month for my Philippines trip whether it is next year or two or three years after that. Please pray that if it be God's will ( which I think it is) that he would provide the means for this trip. We know a friend who we met working Compassion tables who is going. . God is Sovereign. . . If he wants me to go I will. That is my hope. 

 So. . . Have you sponsored a child or received a letter? Is this your first time here? I would love to get a comment from you.

Will you show love by sponsoring a child?  Maybe you need to write your child. . .

1 John 4:19
We love because he first loved us.

All for Him,


Hez said...

I love that birthday card! That is awesome she thought to make it! I haven't sent any letters this month, but I plan to soon with the new online stationary. Very excited about it...maybe I'll get the time to today :)

Lizzie said...

What a beautiful card!! That would be so cool if you were able to go to the Philippines. Praying for you :)

Anonymous said...
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Hannah said...

Filipino children are SO precious, aren't they? That card is too cute! I am in Honduras right now and got to meet my Honduran Compassion babies on Monday, and I am going on the Honduras sponsor tour in August! If you ever get the opportunity to meet your children, DO IT. I'll be praying for God's leading in your life!

South GA Mama said...

Such a beautiful card!!! Praying you'll get to go! Love ya, Laurie