Saturday, November 3, 2012

For Real?!?

I knew it was coming! I knew it was almost time. I started checking my account on Compassion more. Then it was there!!!

Jazzy Rain in early 2011

Jazzy Rain in June 2012

She is SO beautiful!! 

I was SO excited . . . I still am!! 

This girl. . . I can't even explain what she means to me. The letters behind that beautiful girl are the sweetest letters ever! She is SO beautiful inside and out! I know God is going to do awesome things through her. . .  He already is! 

She is my little sister I have never hugged! I love her so much! 

Then it happened again!!! I wasn't expecting this! 

Aster in early 2011

Aster in Summer 2012!!!

Again, I am overwhelmed by this precious girl! She is Beautiful!! I hope I get to know her more, but she already feels like my little sister! 

These girls mean so much to me! I love them all so much! They help me never forget what is really important, showing God's love to the least of these. 

All for Him,


Teena said...

I love your new look! Love you bunches! So thankful we have your girls in our family!

Much love,

South GA Mama said...

So wonderful! Your excitement to help others inspires me! Love ya! Laurie

Rachael Dodds said...

Aww, your children are absolutely beautiful! I just came across your blog, it's great to read about other sponsors :)