Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Mail Call!!

Last week I received another letter from my sweet Jazzy Rain from the Philippines!! This letter is so cute!! It made me laugh! :) I love this girly!! Here are some of the cutest parts of the letter!! She missed spelled a lot.. but I think it's cute. So know it is her miss spelling not mine. :P

Dear Alyssa Price, 
            Hello gretings form the Philipines, upun reading this letter of mine I hope you are all okey, specially to you my dear sponsor. :)... Miss Alyssa my third periodic exam in school was already finished, thank you for your prayers to me that I can get a good scored and the result is okey. Oh! your mother is your teacher how lucky you are. ( LOL! My mom loves this!) Our K.K.S.C. ( compassion center) were hold a christian concert. I enjoyed it to see, and I will always enjoyed to attend my K.K.S.C. class.... Miss Alyssa pray for me that I will be free from illness because the condition of weather here in Philipines is sometimes it is cold sometimes it is hot. Hugs... Hugs... Hugs... Love, Jazzy Rain

I love this letter!!

Please pray for my precious Regita from Indonesia. I received a letter in the middle of December ( written in October) saying that her mom was going to have another baby in November. I have not received another letter. Please pray that the baby has been born and is growing healthy and that Mrs. Saparmi is well. I am getting worried. This is a hard wait.

All for Him,


South GA Mama said...

It is wonderful to see how you not only touch their lives but develop a relationship with the kids you sponsor! Love to read about them! Love ya! Laurie

Haley said...

What a precious letter :). My sister just recently received a correspondent child through Compassion. We're looking forward to reading his letters :).

Kayla said...

If it's been more than three months since you received a letter, you should definitely call Compassion. There's a good chance that a letter was sent, but maybe got lost along the way. They can send you a copy if this is the case.

Lysa said...

Yes. I did call Compassion... twice now. They told me there is none in the system. They told me if I do not receive one by June to call back because they are required to write at least once every six months!