Saturday, June 16, 2012

A Great Surprise!

So yesterday my mom told me she needed a hair cut. We were going to go early (we had VBS this week) to see if she could get worked in. Mom said while we were waiting we would sit at Dairy Queen (should of known something by this!).

On the way into DQ the door opened and someone said "Here let me open the door for you."

TO MY SURPRISE IT WAS ELISA!! She (and her husband Rob) were the leaders from our COTW choir! I was so excited.... as you can tell by the picture below!

Look at Rob laughing! Elisa picked me up!

It turns out they were coming through Hazlehurst on their way to a conference and she txt my mom and asked if we could meet and have lunch. My mom thought she would surprise me!

They were so cool when we saw them on the tour two years ago and they still are!!

Elisa & I... she is so pretty.

It was so fun catching up, laughing and sharing memories. Elisa was able to tell us about her trip to Uganda and seeing some the Ugandan kids from the choir. She said they are all doing well.  God is faithful. 

We had some pretty amazing things happen this past week...  in my next post I will share more! 

All for Him,


Teena said...

it was a great surprise! Got you!

Love you!


Anonymous said...

That's awesome!! Glad you got to see them and very happy to see how God is working in your life!

Take care & God Bless....


South GA Mama said...

Wonderful!!! Glad your summer seems to be so much fun for you! Love ya! Laurie